All Cubicles are Not Created “Evil”

When we think of cubicles, it’s hard not to envision the mind-numbing, privacy-invading feeling that we get from watching movies like Office Space. Those thoughts are a thing of the past now that some new ideas have arisen. Designers and employers are finally seeing eye to eye on the importance of creating a positive workspace. This thought has now trickled to down to even, yes, believe it, the cubicle. Enjoy the following examples and drool over their ability to create work productivity!

Ali Tayar of Parallel Design Partnership has his answer to the mundane design of a typical workspace. He has redefined space by utilizing powder-coated aluminum sheets bent at one end to fasten together as three units ready to accept shelves of ½-inch-thick lacquered MDF. It allows the user to mix and match for practically limitless configurations.

Who wants to look at a brick wall all day? Why not work right amidst a forest and all its beauty? Selgas Cano Architecture Office is a creative project of Spanish architecture firm, Selgas Cano, designed by Iwan Baan. The office, located in the middle of a forest, allows a good view of its surroundings through the wall of windows while you are working in the office. The design of clear roof reduces the usage of electricity on lights and depends more on natural sunlight during daytime.

This example definitely avoids the corporate standard when it comes to cubicle needs. This design also allows for user customization and includes wall modules for whiteboards, corkboards, tray shelves and drawers; a top row of lights that simulate the sun traveling around the cubicle throughout the day and a drop-down seat for visitors.

While not all the examples may be practical for your business (or budget), these ideas do have merit. Keeping your employees inspired by what surrounds them is a great way to encourage a happier workplace environment.

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