Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Davenport, IA

When the local blood center decided to build a new corporate facility to house many of their community functions under one roof, they chose a site in a new office park in a rapidly growing part of town. The impressive, contemporary structure became the prototype for all future buildings in the park.

The outstanding glass curtain wall and open structure were enhanced by light maple wood and natural slate tile. The neutral color palette and rectilinear lines work to create an elegant rustic quality that will stand the test of time. A circular stainless steel elevator was placed in the center of the lobby along with an open metal and glass stairway to create geometry and interest to the vast space.

Staff is encouraged to mingle and relax around large maple tables adjacent to the window wall. The building also features an employee work-out room and outside eating area to increase employee satisfaction. Banks of filing and storage areas at counter height divide workstation groups and can be utilized for collaborative assignments.

Much care was taken to choose appropriate materials to support the blood center’s many functions. Carpet tile was chosen for office areas because of its durability and ease of maintenance. Coordinating patterns are artistically arranged to define the space and add interest. The carpet is a muted contrast of light and dark charcoal grey. Soft accent paint colors are subtly integrated to define areas and add dimension. A series of soffits divide the ceiling on the second floor to form a grid work that creates ordered structure. Lineal lighting illuminates the recesses of the grids for effective task lighting.

The over-all effect of natural light, neutral contrasts and golden wood tone works to provide a pleasant workplace and supports the integrity of this important building.

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