About Us

Welcome to Paragon, a model of excellence in design.

Paragon Commercial Interiors is a company of leaders that is in the business of influencing how people work, think, and live–and we don’t take our mission lightly. Creating designs to make a lasting contribution to our community is inherent in our philosophy of excellence by design–for all. Our work may address many people, places, and cultures, but it conveys a special meaning to each unique person. We ensure that every single one of our projects, whether it’s corporate or cultural, reflects the client’s values, mission, culture, and community. By combining tradition and innovation, Paragon differentiates between mere buildings and community centers that inspire ideas, foster relationships, and spur growth.

Since 1983, Paragon has lived up to its name by exemplifying a model of excellence both locally and internationally through comprehensive design services for a diverse range of clients and industries, from financial and educational institutions to healthcare, retail, historic renovations and corporate offices.

Owners Dana Wilkinson and Darla Evans have emphasized a commitment to a lifelong partnership with our clients, employees, and vendors. At Paragon, there are no “customers”, only partners. Success is a mutual endeavor that benefits both our clients and our firm. Because we believe that no one is an expert on everything, we use a collaborative approach that involves our clients in everything we do in order to produce a thoroughly integrated outcome that doesn’t just satisfy our clients; it makes us proud. We have a sincere desire to lead our business partners to success and it guides us to deliver quality service and products in a timely manner and at competitive prices.

Our unparalleled service doesn’t end with the completion of a project, our business processes are integrated beginning with customer service and ending with customer service. From the first client interviews to ongoing reviews of how buildings are working for our clients and fitting in with the community, we build relationships, and ultimately a shared trust. By listening to our clients and exploring with them, we are able to design directly to our clients’ needs by using what we’ve learned to define design solutions. We invite you to see for yourself why Paragon lives up to its name!

    Paragon Commercial Interiors, Inc.



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